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Solai and Yoni Wicker, better known as ‘TheWickerTwinz’ have been rocking the Urban Spice Magazine Runways,  graced the  BET Experience Stage in 2019, made their mark on  YouTube, and now they’re taking TV and Film by storm!

The Wicker Twinz’s 540K YouTube subscribers come to their channel daily to view their self- produced hair videos and pranks. Their second song and first-ever music video “OH YEAH” has been a big hit on Youtube with over 2.5M views! ‘TheWickerTwinz’ have been seen on the Urban Spice Magazine Runways: Spice up The Runway, and Fashion On The Lawn.

Since they will not allow themselves to be labeled as one-dimensional, they’ve been activists for Breast Cancer Awareness, attended feed The Homeless events, and the state Wide Annual Health Fair in Atlanta. The Wicker Twinz have constantly had their hands in the community doing service work and building their brand.

Now,  they’re making their way onto your TV screens! After signing a multi-entertainment deal with AEMG TV, the young bosses will be entertaining and inspiring viewers on their “The Wicker Twinz On Demand” worldwide streaming platform.

Follow The Wicker Twinz on IG: @thewickertwinz , Subscribe to their YouTube Channel, and Tune into the AEMG TV to see what they’re bringing to theXperienc On Demand Network.

AEMG TV’s Series ‘Mobb Diaries’ Gives Drama A New Meaning!

To the public eye, the Citarella’s are a close knit and loyal family whose motto is “blood is thicker than water”. But on the inside, this crime family is a wreck! Not only are each of the members battling personal issues like mental illness, drug use, domestic violence, homosexuality, and transgender issues; their family has to constantly look over their shoulders for the enemies coming at them: The Black Mafia, The Russian Mafia who are trying to defeat them. On top of that, they’re dealing with police brutality,  racism, corruption, and more! To make matters worse, the family members begin to turn on one another as jealousy and greed take hold, making this same motto “Blood is thicker than water” not so for this family–or is it?

Tune into AEMG TV  to watch “Mobb Diaries” a show produced, written and directed by Robert Hughes. Get ready to be entertained with action packed drama possessing the elements of love, hate, betrayal, murder and mayhem!