Neighbors Helping Neighbors on the main line is based in Ardmore, pa, and serves the community of Ardmore and Bryn Mawr, Pa. The original mission of the organization was to get people food in response to the covid 19 pandemic, but after addressing the emergency, there was an ongoing need in the community for fresh food, and other services.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors serves the community in many different ways. They distribute fresh food: fruits, produce, meats, and on occasion, a separate entity provides families with gift cards, and hot meals from local restaurants. The goal with distributing fresh food is to provide food, so that families are able to use the savings from their food budget to pay others bills and eventually reduce debt, and save money to reach another economic level.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors also supports justice initiatives. They provide student support to parents, and students who need help navigating the school system, and they act as a liaison between the school and students to combat any issues of inequality. The organization also provides mentoring, and job skills training.
Muneera Walker, the founder of Neighbors Helping Neighbors has been serving the community for many years. She has helped behind the scenes in local political campaigns, and within the school district meeting with teachers and administrators to discuss race relations, and inequality issues. When Walker began to address the need for food in the community, many volunteers and sponsors, local churches, and food pantries helped provide resources for the mission.
Volunteers meet for a socially distant lunch once every few weeks for team building and they sort, bag and deliver food to the community 2 times a week. Their delivery of school provided breakfasts and lunches is 2 times per week.
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