“Hip Hop Has a New Direction” and that direction is up!

Brand Newz ‘N Life is taking you in that direction by reporting all the stories about people like you, who are making a positive difference in our communities – from the barbershop on the corner to the parks in the hood.

For many years, Hip Hop served as a voice for the voiceless.  It was the only and most accessible form of media available to underserved communities.  This enabled them to hear and tell the stories of what was going on in the streets, in their neighborhoods and around the world.

Brand Newz ‘N Life brought to you by Christopher “Play” Martin, is a multi-media, multi-generational online news portal focused on elevating and celebrating people through presenting uplifting, empowering, insightful and fulfilling news and information!  We champion colleges, schools and non-profit organizations around the country, to help them bring awareness to their many causes.  From a super mentor to a superstar,  our news focuses on highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things through Brand Newz ‘N Life – such as: Inspiration, Education, Technology, Health, Business, Politics & more.

Brand Newz ‘N Life is brought to you through the talents of students, rising communications professionals & supporters just like you; who participate in our hands-on professional development training. With your help, their work can continue to be displayed on online platforms.

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