In the youtube video,Repsonse to P DIddy Coronavirus Solutions”,  Rizza Islam gives immediate solutions to anyone, especially to the black community, (who the media has stated are the highest percentage of races effected by the coronavirus) on ways to boost our immune system and reduce mucus in our bodies.

In his video, Rizza speaks about the fact that the White House has stated in one of its frequent briefings that medical issues like high blood pressure and kidney diseases are being classified as complications from Covoid 19, and this may be the reason that blacks are classified as the most “at risk”.  There are many solutions to the Covoid 19 pandemic. One is social distancing, but there are more solutions that we should put into practice right now and after this is over to protect our bodies from disease.

Right now, we should change the way we eat, clean our air,  and get sunlight for a few minutes a day to get our vitamin D. We can clean our air by burning sage, having air cleansing plants in your home, letting fresh air in when possible and using s humidifier, air purifier or a pot on the stove filled with water and essential oils to produce an air cleansing steam. Sunlight is necessary for black people.  Our bodies need it to get Vitamin D.  Eating foods that hinder mucus production is our body is essential for healthy living. Along with eating immune boosting foods, Rizza suggests that we drink plenty of water, give up processed foods, sugar, dairy and fast foods. Also lay off of smoking and drinking alcohol.

Here is a grocery list of items given in the video that can help to boost the immune system:



Ginger – (can be boiled in a pot of water and added to teas, and eaten other ways)


Manuka Honey (or raw honey)

Bell Pepper


cayenne pepper


black licorice root


black seed oil



hibiscus/ sorel

citrus fruits




navy beans


sunflower seeds



sea moss/ irish moss


colloidal silver

*These are just a few food items that will keep the body healthy and help fight mucus build up. It’s important to cook your own foods and use wholesome ingredients like fruits and vegetables to keep the body healthy and have a strong immune system.