In Philadelphia, there are so many restaurants to choose from. If you google best restaurants in Philly, some of the city’s most popular restaurants are within blocks of each other in center city. Magazine’s, critics and bloggers rave about the fine Italian, Japanese and American dining in center city, but tucked away on South Street is a food lover’s dream: a Jamaican restaurant called Caribbean Delight. 


Walking into the cozy restaurant, your senses get a treat. There’s the delightful sound of reggae music, savory smells from the delicious food and the sight of colorful murals of Caribbean inspired animals, plants and flowers covering the walls and the ceiling. The most inspiring piece of art I spotted was located on the wall behind the cash register. In a small frame are pictures of great black men that says, “Purify your soul”.

At Caribbean Delight, the service is pleasant, and the food is heavenly. I ordered a lot of food: brown stew chicken with rice, and collard greens and curried chicken with rice and cabbage, I also ordered a side of yams, 3 pieces of coco bread and a curry chicken patty. My favorite entree was the brown stew chicken. The chicken was very meaty and juicy with not a lot of bones or fat attached. The flavors were amazing and authentic, and the seasoning was perfect. If you’re in center city, Caribbean Delight should be on your list of stops to make or have delivered to your door.