(Pictured above: Founder Michael Jemison along with a few L.A.B. members including President, Raheem Orr, and Philly Battle rapper, Lady Caution)

L.A.B. loves their city. They’re known for their  events because of their large turn outs, but also because they use much of their proceeds to donate money to people in need. They’d just finished a successful fundraising bbq for a little girl suffering from cancer when they heard the loving mother of a 7-year-old boy named Jibby,  (who is suffering from brain cancer) was reaching out to the Philadelphia bike community to grant her son’s wish, to ride on a motorcycle. L.A.B.made it happen. IMG_1885 Since their ride out with Jibby a few weeks ago, members of the L.A.B. family enjoy paying him visits frequently, and this past Friday, July 10, 2015, they came with a special gift: Jibby’s own motorcycle vest adorned with his personalized patches. This isn’t the first time the team has made it a point to wrap their loving arms around members of their community since they became a club last November;  each week, the L.A.B. family’s auto club feeds the homeless at Love Park in Philadelphia, and other members of the L.A.B. family volunteer at Chosen 300 ministries, As the team grows, they plan to stick to their mission: enjoy life, and uplift the people in them.