The door slammed behind Money, and she smirked a little. She didn’t mean to be so mean to Mills, but she did want to get under her skin a little.

Mills: Your little attitude is so stupid, Money. You better not leave like that.

Money knew Mills was watching from the window. She shook her head and got in her car.

Mills: You know what! I’m done playing these games with you! You don’t ever have to worry about me speaking to you again.

Mills: You’re going to let a man come in between our friendship?

Mills knew Money. She knew Money loved her, so Money couldn’t understand why Mills was even bugging. Maybe Mills was just trying to get a reaction…

But Money was a Capricorn. She remained calm in just about every situation, and on the rare occasion when she did react, she became unrecognizable.. even to herself. This little argument with Mills didn’t merit a reaction of that nature.

Mills: Fine! Don’t waste your time ever coming back.

Mills also knew that Money was emotionless. Mills was the sensitive one. She played tough, but right underneath that hard shell was a fragile heart. That’s why Money was so protective of Mills.

Money had no heart. She could cut people off that she knew her entire life and never look back. She could never understand why Mills couldn’t learn to be more like her.

Life was about survival.. and the best way to do that was to protect yourself at all costs. Never let anyone in, all the way. Money loved Mills, but even her love for Mills and Ms. Netta would only go so far. She could cut anyone off without hesitation and never ever revisit a thought, or reflect on a memory about them…

That’s just the way she was.

She looked down at her flood of text messages from Mills. She knew Mills was mad, but she knew they would be ok. Money giggled at how mad she had made Mills for no reason, really.

Money: Lol Fine Mills. I’ll never call again.

She put her phone on her car charger and placed it in her cup holder, then she turned the volume up on her stereo, slid her sunglasses on, and pulled out of Mills’ driveway.