“You know, MJ, I recently read a quote by Paul Coelho that said, ‘Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all, or by having everything happen all at once.’ How do you feel about that quote?”

MJ, was founder of the new motorcycle club, L.A.B. The army was making moves in Philadelphia.

Mills called them “timeline killas” because all of her social network timelines were being dominated with pictures of them, or other people throwing their L’s up for loyalty. She couldn’t believe how many views she had on her blog because of them. She had to talk to him again.

MJ sat back in his chair like a boss. He was dark-skinned, muscular and very handsome. He was a 31-year-old Gemini with a brilliant mind. He thought for a second before speaking.

“I agree with that quote.” He said. He had a Philly accent, but he spoke eloquently. “When you have a big dream in your heart, and nothing is happening; it will make a person with no self-control…” He paused and thought over his words, “no faith.. go crazy trying to make things happen on their own. That’s why so many people are out there acting like opportunists, or worse.. haters.”

Mills laughed. “So, you’ve been in the situation where nothing was happening?”

“Sweetheart, I went from the NFL to prison for four years of my life. I think in a situation like that, your character is tested in many ways, but yes, to answer your question, I’ve definitely been in a situation when I wanted the world, but I couldn’t reach it at the moment when I wanted it.”

“How are you handling all of these great things that are happening all at once?” She asked, “Because you do see that things are happening right?”

He smiled. He seemed very modest, but he was also a little bold.

“We’re not even close yet.” He said. “But I’ll tell you this Ms. Mills, the world will soon know L.A.B. and they will see that we built an empire right under their noses.”