“You know what I don’t like?” Mills turned her laptop around so that Money could see the screen. She popper her gum. “This shit here.”

Money scanned the screen with her eyes, and laughed.

“What about it?”

“I don’t like that the second someone finally has an epiphany about an area in their life they need to correct, and they correct it, then they want to bash every person still doing it.”

Money laughed as she blew the smoke from her mouth. “Yeah, chicks on social networks are good for that.”

“I know.” Mills said as she grabbed the jay from Money.

“I thought you were quitting.” Money teased.

“I am.” Mills said as she exhaled her smoke.  She handed the jay back to Money. “It makes me lazy.”

She pulled her word press screen up, and started writing.

“Me too.” Money said as she lay back on Mills’ large bed and pretended to make snow angels. “I’m off for the day otherwise I wouldn’t even be smoking. I can’t on days when I work. I be all paranoid.”

They both laughed hard.