“I hate how women say there are no good men out there.” Brianna said randomly.

Money raised an eyebrow as she munched on her salad.

“Elaborate?” Mills said as she took a bite of her spinach and turkey wrap.

“I meet good men all of the time.” Brianna explained. “I’m usually the one running them off.” She shrugged. “I can’t help it. I know that they’re good guys, but one little mistake, and I write them off as an asshole and I never speak to them again.”

“Well, maybe they shouldn’t make mistakes.” Mills said with an attitude.

“Everybody does.” Money said.

“Well, I’m tired of men and their mistakes.” Mills said. “They better come correct, or stop coming to me. It’s really starting to piss me off.”

“I agree.” Said Brianna. “I’m just saying, there is this guy that I really liked recently, who I kicked to the curb, and now I kind of wish that I hadn’t been such a bitch to him.”

Mills tuned Brianna out. As far as she was concerned, she now considered herself a man hater, and she planned to stay that way for good. Her career would be enough.

She looked down at her phone. She read over her stats for the morning. Her views were booming. She’d just published an article on this new motorcycle club called L.A.B. and people were going crazy over their pictures. The men were fine as hell.

“Well, I don’t know.” Money said. “If he really likes you, maybe he will fix the mistake, and come for you… Look at Fame.” Money smiled.

Money and Fame had been talking on a weekly basis, but they were taking things really slow.

Mills closed down her word press and opened her twitter news feed. She shared her blog post of the new song “I bet” by Ciara.  Along with a link to the video she posted:

“So how’s the grass over there?”

“Don’t get me wrong, Fame isn’t perfect.” Money said. “I know that he is still communicating with his baby’s mom.”

“And you’re alright with that?” Brianna looked shocked.

“No.” Money said. “That’s why we only talk once a week or so. I’m not rushing it, and I’m not tolerating anything less than being his one and only.

I know that he’s done with her. He moved her out, and everything, but I need him to get that whole thing straightened out before I give him my heart.”

Mills phone began to vibrate in her hand. There was a reply to her tweet.

“I don’t even like grass.” -Haz