“What’s up, Money?” Jordan sounded like he was happy to hear from her.

“Nothin’.” She said. “How are you, Jordan?”

“I’m good. I’m excited about the year.”

“Me too.”

“That vodka company finally signed with the company.”

“What?” That made Money excited. “Congratulations! That’s is such good new!”

“Thank you.” He said. “You already know that I gotta have you on the team for that.”

“I’m with you, Jordan. You should know that.” Money said sincerely.

“I know you are. That’s why I rock wit you, Shorty.” Jordan pretended to have an Atlanta accent, although he was from Philly.

“So when do we start?” She asked.

“I’m in Phoenix right now.” He said. “When I get back, I’ll need to upgrade to a larger office in Downtown Atlanta.”

“Ok, cool.” Money was excited about all of the changes taking place.

“Yeah. ” He said. “So once that’s set up, why don’t you come down, so I can talk to you about how I plan to divide this money up.”

“I’m there.” She said as she breathed a sigh of relief.

She knew this was going to be bigger than anything she had been a part of so far.