It hadn’t been long, and Money’s new friend was already about to be cut off.  On too many occasions he had shown her the classic signs that he was a dog. Even if her career wasn’t taking off, and she did have the time to stress over a man; she knew it just wasn’t in her to do so. She thought too much of herself.

As she lay in her bed, she wondered how she was going to break it off. She rolled over and stared at him as he slept peacefully beside her.

“Damn.” She whispered to herself.

She wasn’t even supposed to be laying beside him, and she knew it. She shook her head knowing that she was going to miss him a little, but all of the drama that he came with just wasn’t worth it. The sex was something out of a porno, and it had clouded her judgement; but not enough for her not to remember that she was a gem. It was a man’s pleasure to possess a woman like her.

So why should she settle for sharing a man with half the chicks in town? She got up quietly, and walked over to her large master bathroom. She opened her frameless shower doors and turned on the hot water. While she waited for the water to heat, she took that dreaded look in the mirror in an effort to examine who she was.


She said again as she looked at her pretty reflection. She needed to focus on herself. Even with her success professionally, her personal life was in need of some reviving. Like clock work, her porn star appeared in the double doorway to her bathroom.

“Yo.” He said.

“Good morning.” She said back.

“You went through my phone last night?”

“Why would I do that?” Money rolled her eyes.

She wondered why she was even wasting her time. With out warning, he pulled down his boxers and came toward her as he placed a condom on his magnum sized erection.

That was how. She thought to herself as she climbed up onto the sink and spread her legs.