“So this is what you look like in the day time.” His question was more like a statement.

Mills grinned as she admired the handsome features of the man standing in front of her.

He looked at her face as if he were trying to take a picture with his eyes. He looked into her eyes as if he were trying to read her soul.

“This is the first time you’ve come out to see me in the sun.” Haz said as he grabbed Mills hand and kissed it.

She was overcome with a great sense of peace. She knew this wasn’t game that he was spitting. She knew that he was for real.

Mills and Haz had been spending a considerable amount of time talking on the phone and emailing, and she was intrigued to say the least. They hadn’t slept with one another; they would just meet up and talk briefly in random places like, the carwash or the emergency pull off on the highway which is where they were today.

Cars sped past, and the wind was blowing, but Mills barely noticed. All she could see was him. All she could hear was him.

He looked down at his watch, and looked back up at Mills.

“I have to be in D.C. by 10 am for this meeting.”


“I’ll call you when I’m finished.”

“That’s fine.” She smiled.

“I’d text you… but I don’t want you to text and drive. I can’t lose you already.” He smiled.

She laughed and shook her head. She wasn’t used to this. This was different, but different was good.

“Enjoy your day.” He said as he opened her car door for her to sit in.

She sat down and closed the door, and then rolled down her window.

“I’ll talk to you later.” She said.

He nodded, and looked in her eyes one last time, and then he walked away.