“Vous êtes belle..”

Money smiled. She didn’t know who was standing behind her, or what he had just said, but his voice was enticing. Slowly, she turned to face a tall, handsome man who was dressed to kill in a crisp button down shirt and expensive slacks.

“I’m sorry… I don’t know what you said.” She said regretfully, wishing she had paid more attention to her foreign language classes in high school. He smiled seductively, and said.

“You are beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Money blushed. “You’re handsome.”

“Merci..” He responded.

“…So you speak French?” Money asked. “Where are you from?”

“I’m actually from West Africa.” He said. “I lived in Paris for a while, and now, I live right here in New York.”

Money studied the stranger’s facial features. His skin was the color of midnight, and so smooth she wanted to reach out and caress his cheek. When he smiled, he showed off a perfect set of pearly white teeth. His mysterious eyes were a sexy almond shape. He carried himself as if he were the ambassador of Africa himself.

“What is your name, Angel?”

Money was never one to be turned on by words. She despised flattery, and automatically dismissed any man who tried to capture her attention that way. Normally, she would have politely ended the conversation, and dismissed him, but she was in New York for one night only, and she had been without excitement for a while. She could use the company; especially the company of someone so interesting.

“My name is Money.” She responded after a long pause.

“Money?” He wanted to make sure he had heard her correctly.

“Yes.” She answered. “Money.”

“Hmm.” He seemed intrigued. “Where are you from, Money?”

“I’m from all over really.” She answered. “But if I had to pick a place, I would just say Pennsylvania. I live there now, in a small town called Greencastle.”

“So what are you doing here?”

“I own a mobile boutique.” She said. “I travel to New York frequently to buy clothes and fabric for my clients.”

“Wow. That sounds interesting.” He seemed impressed. “Can you tell me more about it over dinner?”

“That would be nice.” She said. “I was actually just finishing up for the day. My car is parked at my hotel though.”

“That’s ok.” He pulled out a set of keys. “You can ride with me.”

“Wait…” Money couldn’t believe herself. She was about to drive off with a complete stranger. “What is your name?”

He laughed. “My name is Germain…. Germain Carter.”

Money nodded and grabbed his arm. “Ok Germain. Let’s go.”

The next few hours were spent enjoying dinner, drinks and conversation at The Nomad.

“How do you like ‘The Fortune Teller’?” Germain asked referring to Money’s drink.

“It’s good.” She giggled.

She was definitely feeling the effects of the cocktail, and she only had one thing on her mind. She didn’t care that they had just met, and she didn’t care if after tonight she would never see him again. She wanted some excitement, and he was just the person to do it. He was a dramatic switch from her normal “type”.

“So where to next?” Germain asked looking at his Cartier watch. “A friend of mine owns a night club downtown.” He suggested.

“I was actually thinking about going back to my hotel.”

“You want to leave me already?” He seemed disappointed. “I understand… It was a pleasure having your time.”

“You can join me.” She smiled seductively.

“Are you sure about that?” He was shocked. It was as if he were thinking that he was being pranked. He didn’t think it would be this easy.

“I’m sure.” Money smiled.

A few minutes later, they arrived at The Paper Factory. Money always chose that hotel for some reason. She loved the tower of books, and the outdoor area. Germain held Money’s hand, and walked her to room 225. She opened the door, and led the way into the dimly lit space.

When they got close to the bed, Germain pulled Money in close and hugged her tight. He lay her down gently onto the bed, and whispered into her ear.

“ce doit être un rêve.” (This must be a dream.)

In the morning, Money woke up to a lonely hotel room. There was no sign of Germain, and there was no indication that he had ever been there. She wondered had he been a dream. The whole night was something out of a romance novel. It didn’t matter. She grabbed the pillow that he had been resting on. It smelled of expensive cologne. She smiled, and decided it was time to get back to reality.

“Thank you, Germain.” She whispered just before climbing out of the king sized bed.