At exactly 6:41 am, Money’s sleep was interrupted by a knock on the closed bedroom door. She removed her eye mask and remembered where she was which made her heart stop. She already knew what she was about to hear.
“Yes?” Money called out to Mills.
Money jumped out of bed and opened the door. Tears were streaming down Mills’ face.
“She’s gone.”
Money’s head dropped as she looked for words. None came. She knew that Mills Grandmother wasn’t going to make it, and she knew that Mills had been in denial about it. When she arrived the night before, it looked like her Grandmother was already gone. The only sign that she was still among the living was her light rapid breathing which was being assisted by the oxygen machine.
“Have you called the nurse?” Money asked.
“Not yet.” Mills said. “Will you go downstairs with me?”
“Of course.” Money said as she grabbed Mills’ hand and walked her downstairs to the den which Mills had made into her Grandmother’s room when she first brought her home from the hospital.
When they reached the entrance to the room, Mills stopped. Money looked in and saw that the life was gone from the woman’s body. The two women entered the room hand in hand, and then Mills walked over to check her Grandmother’s pulse once again. She shook her head in sadness, and then left the room.
Money walked over to the woman and did what she knew Mills couldn’t do. She removed the oxygen from her nose and turned off the machine.