Independent record labels, more commonly known as “Indie Labels”, are becoming a very appealing option for artists mostly because of the artist friendly contracts and creative freedom they allow. With the introduction of social networks, online radio, and digital music stores the game has changed in favor of underground artists and independent labels. Actually, Indie labels are becoming so successful that major labels have started to embrace their methods in an effort to stay ahead of the music industry.

The independent label AE Music Group, has seen much success: their animated artist, Asia Major, has reached over 1.5 million YouTube views and counting; The Chestnut Brothers, hit the Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100 Singles Chart with two songs; Syleena Johnson and Monifa, currently star in TV One’s “R and B Diva’s”, and now with the distribution deal they inked last month with Rebel Hill Entertainment, facilitated by Warner Music Group; there’s no doubt that their artists will dominate the global market.

AE Music Group’s CEO, Abdul Chestnut, believes in giving AE’s artists the space and confidence to be who they are by encouraging them to be fearless and confident; to know the importance of dealing with like- minded individuals; and never compromise who they are for the sake of sales. When I asked him what’s the goal for the label, He laughed and answered: “Let’s change the World through music.”

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