“So how’s life in Philly?” Money asked.
“Ugh… full of potholes!” Mills said as she shook her head in frustration. ” I should send the city a bill for the tire and rim I had to replace.” she laughed.
“Girl, I know!” Money laughed. “I noticed that on my way in to see you. These potholes are not a game.”
“Um hmm, anyway… stop stalling.” Mills became serious. “What’s up with you?”
Money’s sly grin appeared on her face and it wouldn’t fade. “Fame.”
“Oh- no- you- didn’t!” Mills said louder than she wanted to, forgetting that her Grandmother and daughter were in the other room asleep.
“Tell me everything.” Mills whispered as she leaned in for the scoop.
Money had been dodging all conversations that had to do with Fame since she was supposed to be meeting him for a consultation a few weeks prior.”
“Well, you know I canceled that meeting with him that we were supposed to have a while ago.”
“I remember.” Mills said. “Why again?”
“He was confusing me.” Money shrugged.
“He wanted me to meet him, knowing that there are plenty of stylists in Baltimore, so I know he was flirting, but then he was all on social networks with his baby’s mother.”
“Ok, so I’m confused.” Mills said. “Did he say that he wanted to date you?”
“No.” Money answered.
“Well, did you ever think that maybe you are a great stylist and he just wanted to do business with you and that’s it?”
“Well, why send the bottle at the club then?” Money said.
“Um… it’s a great way to introduce yourself to someone you want to potentially work with?”
Money glared at Mills. She hated when she busted her fantasy bubbles with reality.
“All I’m saying is that too many women get excited too easily when a man is just trying to be nice. He probably is flirting, but I can see you’re getting a little excited and you haven’t said much to prove to me that you should have your panties in a bunch yet, but go on… I’m listening.”
“You’re such a buzz kill.” Money said.
“Just go on.” Mills demanded.
“Well after I canceled, he started emailing me and calling me a couple of times a week just to check in. So finally, I had lunch with him.” Money paused and stared at a chip in her fingernail.
“And!” Mills snapped! “What happened?”
“He told me that he didn’t want to work with any other stylist but me from this point forward.” Money said without looking up.
“Interesting.” Mills said as she sat back to think the situation over.
“Go ahead dream killer.” Money finally looked up at Mills. “What are your thoughts?”
“I think that he likes you.” Mills said.
“I think that he’s a man who is in an unhappy relationship and he is not looking to get out. I would be careful.”
“I’m always careful.” Money said as she rolled her eyes. “I’m too careful. I just want to let my hair down and live a little… and he makes me feel alive.”
“I’m not gonna lie.” Mills began, “I get what you’re saying… but what you’re saying scares me. I wish you the best, but I don’t want to see you get hurt. You know what happened to me.”
“I know.” Money nodded in agreement. “I don’t know how you got through that, and I don’t want to be hurt like that either.”
“Just be careful.” Mills advised. “Just think things through is all I’m saying. Sometimes it’s best to follow your mind because your heart can be deceived.”
“I’ll be careful.”