robin givens

I just had the most amazing experience…. That’s all I kept thinking on my ride home…. That was an amazing experience. Immediately after I parked, I googled “Mrs. Independent” and the name Priest Tyaire came up. I clicked on his Facebook page, and under his banner reads:
“Not just entertainment, but an experience”….
I hadn’t looked at previews, nor had I heard of the play or Priest Tyaire. My cousin called, and said she wanted to go to see some play for her birthday, so I told her I was down. We were running a little late, so when we arrived the play had already started. From the moment we took our seats and throughout the play, the entire audience (even me) could be heard hollering out things like, “I know that’s right!” and, “Oooh, she knows she’s wrong!” I was a little embarrassed at myself for speaking out in public like that being the introvert that I am, but I couldn’t help it! It was an amazing experience.
I laughed historically and even shed a tear, but the feeling I felt most was inspiration. When I heard the M.C. announce that Mr. Priest Tyaire, who was the star in the play opposite Robin Givens, had also wrote and directed the play, I was shocked. I had no idea. His story is so inspirational, but the thing that stuck out most to me was his sincerity.
As we made our way to the exit, he was standing in the main entrance shaking hands and thanking everyone who attended.

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