“Where you goin’?” Nisa asked Kemeen as he was leaving the house a few days later
“To count my money,” Kemeen answered coldly.
He had already decided he was leaving Nisa’s house for good. He’d had enough of her, especially after she hit him in the hotel. He wasn’t with all the extra drama.
“Well, what time you comin’ back?” she snapped.
He didn’t even answer. He just walked out and closed the door.
Nisa smirked knowing what was about to happen to him. She was happy to be taking his money and moving on with Man.
When she heard Kemeen’s car leave the driveway, she immediately called Man.
“Yo?” Man answered on the first ring.
“He just left,” Nisa whispered as though someone were around.
“Bet,” Man said.
“Be careful. I love you.”
“Love you too. I’ll hit you when we done,” Man said before hanging up.
Once Man got word that it was time, he called Prodigy. An hour later they met at the back of the hotel.
Man had Prodigy wait in the car until he got the key from Melissa. He wasn’t sure what room number it was, but he wanted to park close by the exit so they could be in and out.
“Hello Sir,” Melissa said trying her best to act natural.
“Yeah I lost my key,” he said. “Can I get a replacement?”
“Yes sir. What’s your room number?” she asked.
“I don’t remember. Can I just give you my name?” he asked playing along since one of her coworkers was across the room.
“Sure,” she said.
Kemeen Carter,” he whispered in case someone knew the real Kemeen.
“Here you go,” she said dropping the envelope with the key and room number into his hand.
“Thanks sweetheart,” he said as he winked.
Once they found their way to the other side of the building, Man and Prodigy grabbed their guns and headed in the back door. They took the stairs so they could gather their masks and prepare for their come up.
When they reached the door to Kemeen’s room, their hearts raced with anticipation and nervousness. After all, you never knew what could happen in a robbery—there was always that small possibility that things could get out of hand.
After wiping the sweat from his head, Man put on his mask and slid the card key in the door quietly as Prodigy pulled the gun out of his waist band. Armed and ready, Man slowly he opened to door.
“What the fuck?” Man yelled in confusion.
Two shots went off and then there was a scream.
“No. Please don’t kill me,” a voice pleaded.
“Too late.”
Two more shots were fired; and then silence.