I have never been more impressed by a young man than I was with Terrill Barnes. Like a lot of student athletes, he has seen his share of trouble; when I met Terrill I only saw a young man headed for greatness. There were a number of things that left me impressed with this young man but it was his humility, his respect and his commitment to his dream that were inspiring.
After IUP’s win against Cal last weekend, most of his peers were already on their way to celebrate. Terrill, on the other hand, was on his way back to his apartment to thank his Guardian for attending his game. I had the privilege of being invited into his home where I got to watch him interact with his Guardian. The respect and gratitude that Terrill had for this man was amazing to me; and in addition, he listened to the man’s instruction. It’s hard to find young men who will respect anyone enough to listen to them.
When Terrill gave us a tour of his home; I was surprised to find that he was organized. His room was neat and in order, but the thing that stood out the most: He made his bed.
I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to most, but it stood out to me. A young college student who had to arise early to prepare for game day (with no one to tell him to make the bed) took the time out to make it before starting his busy day. I thought it was cool =)
At dinner, he opened the doors for us and was well-mannered. When a few friends came by the table to congratulate him on the win, he was humble. He let us know that our presence was important to him, and of course he thanked us saying that he’d probably be eating Chinese with the rest of his team mates had we not come to visit. =)
I look forward to seeing where God takes this young man, and I truly believe that if he stays focused; he will go far!