One thing Money could never understand was the obsession with hate. Either people were haters, or they were obsessed with their haters. It was all pointless drama which she tried not to entertain. She had too many things to do.
She was annoying herself with the latest statuses on FB (which she swore she was deleting a week ago) when her scrolling was interrupted by her phone ringing. Her blue tooth in her S.U.V. picked up, and her friend’s voice came through the speakers.
“Hey girl!” That was Brianna, one of Money’s closest friends.
“Hey.” Money smiled. “Where you at?”
“About to go into Georgia Boys and grab a late lunch. You in town?”
“Actually, I am.” Money said. “Want some company?”
“Yeah. I’ll treat.” Brianna said.
“Then I’m on my way.” Money laughed. “I just got off the highway from New York. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
“Alright. Is it too early for a drink?” Brianna giggled. “I’m done working for the day, and I need a bottle.”
“Girl, yes! Order two!”
A few minutes later, Money pulled up to Georgia Boys, and headed inside. She saw Brianna sitting at a table in the bar area, and made her way over. Brianna was on the phone, so Money sat down and took a look at the menu.”
“Who asked you that?” Brianna looked annoyed as she listened to the caller.
“Ok, so she doesn’t communicate with her man? Why are they asking you?”
“Well you don’t have to tell them nothin’. If they got a question; they are asking the wrong people.”
“Alright. I’ll call you later. Kiss the baby.”
Brianna hung up her phone and threw it in her Coach bag. She looked up at Money and shook her head in frustration.
“What is wrong with these people?” Brianna asked.
“Who?” Money laughed.
“My sister in law just called me.” Brianna shook her head. “Some chick called her to ask her if I was still messing with Tone.”
“Tone?” Money’s face twisted up. “Tone, Tone?”
“Yes.” Brianna nodded. “Tone, Tone.”
“Who asked?” Money inquired.
“Some chick. I guess she’s friends with his wife.”
“Ok, so she can’t ask her husband?” Money said. “She had to ask her friend to ask your sister-in-law something about her husband?”
“Exactly.” Brianna said.
“Yeah. These chicks gotta get a hobby.” Money shook her head. “You ready to order?”
“Yup.” Brianna said forgetting about the unimportant.
They both ordered, and after the waitress left; they opened the first bottle.
“What’s up with you?” Money asked as she poured a glass of Nuvo.”
“This new book.” Brianna smiled as she pulled a sample copy of her upcoming book, “Why Men Cheat”, out of her bag. “I just got the final proof today. I had to come celebrate!”
“Awe. Congratulations!” Money smiled. She loved that her friends were all young and successful.
“Thank you.” Brianna said handing the book to Money. “This one’s for you, and make sure you read it!”
“What I need to read it for?” Money laughed as she looked over the cover. “I don’t got no man!”
“You better read it!” Brianna laughed. “Now let’s make a toast!”
Money held up her glass and they both toasted.
“To power moves.” Money said.
“Yes, and may these chicks start makin’ some too.” Brianna laughed.
When they finished their meal; they still had an unopened bottle of Nuvo. They asked the waitress to deliver it to a table of three young women who had come in for dinner. The two friends said their good byes, and went their separate ways.
Money hopped in her SUV and made the left out of Georgia boys toward downtown. She had to make one last stop at “Beautitudes” beauty supply.
Before she could even make the right on the Dual highway she was stunned by a sight she wasn’t ready for. Walking hand in hand past the court-house was her recent ex (the one she had been pregnant by)and obviously his new girlfriend. She couldn’t believe he was that damn happy in a relationship already. It had only been 40 days and some change. She didn’t know what came over her, but she pulled into a parking spot and jumped out.
Just as she thought, he acted like he had no idea who she was. She shook her head at the thought of this dude playing her since he was lucky to have had her time in the first place. He must have felt that she was about to show out because he told his new lady, to meet him at the restaurant around the corner.
“Oh so now you’re brand new?” Money asked.
“Nah, you’re brand new.” He snapped. “Last time I checked you changed your number without an explanation of what I did wrong. I didn’t know what happened to you.”
Money felt a sting of guilt. She had done that.
“Ok, so now you all happy-go-lucky in a relationship with the next chick? You was probably messing with her the whole time.” She was pissed and didn’t even know why.
“Are you crazy?” He twisted his face up in disbelief. “I didn’t know what happened to you. You just disappeared. You could’ve at least warned me.”
“You could’ve warned me!” She yelled. “I told you I didn’t want no baby and you set me up!”
“Set you up how?” He looked confused. She forgot she hadn’t told him about the baby.
“You got me pregnant.” She stated matter of factly.
Tears came to his eyes and it looked like he was about to reach out and choke her. Instead he shook his head in disgust.
“You have some real issues Money. Somebody really messed your head up and I feel sorry for you. Is there love anywhere in your heart for anyone but yourself?”
He asked the question, but never waited for a response. He walked off without ever looking back.
No one had ever checked her like that. She wondered was she a bad person. The thought that she didn’t have it all together gave her a chill that she couldn’t shake. What made her sick was that the very man she was disgusted with just over a month ago; she now wanted. But in her sick mind she knew it was only because he no longer wanted her, and she had an obsession for wanting what she couldn’t have.
She hopped back in her expensive car as she watched him continue on foot. In that moment she wondered if he had it more together than she did. She thought that she had made all the right choices and done everything right.