State of the Union…Are we still united? These days it seems as if there is no Unity. History is being made as we speak, and it is as if some of us are distracted. Our country may be going to war, again, and all some of us can do is criticize the President?
Now is not the time for that. Now is the time to pray for our President, and our United States. It’s time to get over the fact that he was reelected. (That was a while ago) He is there. Now that he is there; can we stop wishing that he fails? Do we realize that if he fails as President, we fail as a country?
There are millions of Christians… Millions. We are walking around with the very spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. That is a lot of power. We need to be sure that we are exercising that power in a positive way. There are too many of us walking around with power; for our country not to see a wave of great things happen.
Jesus was alone, and he changed the world. We are all united. We all have his spirit living in us; and he’s for us. Can we change some things? Can we stop worrying about someone else’s short comings? We have enough of our own to fix. Can we take a moment and pray for our President?
President Obama has some hard decisions to make in a very short amount of time. That’s a lot of pressure that most of us could never handle. He doesn’t need the whole country on his back. He needs some of us to forget about how much we hate him, and wish that he wasn’t elected. He needs for us to pray for him, and do whatever we can as individuals to make a change for our future generation.
Moment of Silence… God’s will be done in Jesus’ name… Amen.