Who Hates Black People More: Racist Whites or Other Blacks?

Go ahead and answer this question quickly if you want to. If you say racist whites; you should ponder that answer and look at some hard truths. Who is it that calls black people Nigger more? Yes, white people invented the word, but do you know who uses it more?
“Yo my nigga, what’s good?”
Now, please count in your mind, how many times you heard a white person call one of their kind honkey or cracker… Don’t worry, I’ll wait.
Here’s something else to think about. Have you ever been riding in the car, assuming that you are a black person, and seen one of your people ride up in an even nicer car beside you? What has your response been? I can promise at some point in your life (if you were in a hooptie) you hated on that person in the nice car. If a white man pulled up in that same car, it’s expected. If a black man pulls up in that brand new $60,000 whip it’s almost always a negative thought.
“He thinks he’s better than everyone. He ain’t nobody.”
“He probably can’t afford the payments anyway.” Or “Look at that drug dealer.”
Why can’t it be, he worked hard, saved his money, paid cash and he deserves nice things.” Or “I’m glad to see one of my kind representing us well. I will be glad when I get there.”
With the Trayvon Martin trial, I was so proud to see blacks coming together for a cause. I believe all of us felt the slap in the face from the justice system as that group of white women revealed to us how they felt about our black men. They didn’t believe that taking the life of a future black leader merited any time to be served in prison.
At first I was infuriated, but then I started thinking about the thousands of black on black murders committed in our cities. We kill each other all of the time with no remorse. You know what’s scarier? The thousands of witnesses that see these murders, but don’t tell what they saw. The old lady who saw the murder from her bedroom window, but is too afraid to tell; never considering that they are telling their community that the lives of the young men being taken aren’t worth taking the risk of telling.
I know that this is a controversial subject, and I am not saying that white people love blacks, but what I am saying is that they started the divide and conquer concept with blacks and now we are submitting to it as if Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks didn’t risk their lives for us to live better.
Slave masters sold the men off to other plantations, and men today are still leaving their families with no protection or covering that only he can give. Slave masters made the men fight and hate each other (Ya’ll saw Django) and we are still doing it today. Why are we submitting to this?
Let us stop being crabs in a basket. Let us stop hating the person who saves money by calling them stingy. Let us stop saying that every successful black person is a part of the illuminati. Maybe they worked hard to get where they are. Why does it have to be that they needed help from a group of rich white men rather than they followed their dreams, and achieved their goals?
Let’s start by loving ourselves. Love our black skin. Love our History. Love each other.
-Loyalty amongst Brothers