Jemison (Ny Giants)
Jemison (Ny Giants)
Teens and Weed: How bad is it?
While scrolling down any of the latest social network news feeds; it is not uncommon to come across a post that reads, “I love gettin’ high!” Or, “I smoke weed for breakfast.” What’s astonishing about these quotes is that most of them are posted by our future leaders; our fourteen, fifteen and sixteen year old children. Seeing these quotes makes one wonder how a teen could feel so comfortable posting such things about drugs when their friends or parents could be watching.
So when it comes to Teens and Weed: How bad is it?
Michael Jemison, The founder of the L.A.B. (Loyalty Amongst Brother’s) movement and also a former NFL player, agrees that this is a good question. When asked how much of an influence smoking weed had on him not playing in the NFL today; his answer is simple.
“Smoking weed didn’t take away any of my abilities to play ball. The drug never made me a weak player. It was the effects weed had on my life off of the field that caused problems.”
Michael started smoking weed at just thirteen years old, and became one of those people who woke up and smoked first thing in the morning. He will admit that smoking relaxed his mind and made him not care about the stresses of life as an athlete. The down side was in abusing the drug. Smoking all of the time made him “zombie- like” in that he was too laid back, and lazy.
While playing football professionally, Michael was tested and failed several urine tests which were positive for marijuana. He was placed on probation, but after more failed urine tests he was released which led to a series of bad decisions which ended in four years in a Pennsylvania State Prison.
“Was I addicted to the drug? Yes, looking back I can say that I was. I was addicted to not caring, and not stressing.”
When asked if he would smoke weed again he says that he really doesn’t see the point. He finds other ways to deal with stress; ways that don’t involve the consequences of smoking.
“I can’t sit here and bash every teen that smokes,” Michael says, “Because I was a teen who smoked, but I will say that in abusing marijuana I didn’t realize that the drug ended up using me.”
Theresa Glenn